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You "shoulda" caught that!

Have you ever said, "shoulda, coulda, woulda" or "should of, could of, would of"? Too many people have, and when they put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were), they have no idea how to "spell" the sentiment. It is a contraction for "should have, could have, would have," when spelled properly contracted, it looks (and should be pronounced) like this:

should've could've would've

This is not only one of the more annoying grammatical errors; it is not a way to live. Living in the past, wishing what you should, could, or would have done is irrelevant as there is no possible way to back and change things. Learning from what could have been done is the best way to recover from the "should have's," and learning how to write and pronounce it is the best way to correct an error.


We are nearing the end of 2021. This is often when people reevaluate, look back, and plan. (This is a time when a "should've, could've, would've" list easily could come into play.)

The first full year of has not gone exactly as I had envisioned. YOU can help make 2022 better! Let me know what you like, what you did not like, what you would like to read/see here, or any other thoughts. You can leave it in the comments or email me at


Love Lots; Smile Often

MommaHattie #LLSO

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