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Welcome, May! (A redo.)

If you were one of the early morning readers, you might have only seen a sentence of this blog! Unfortunately, I lost the internet and all that I had written but one sentence, regular, not even the first or last! Very weird. So, although later than the usual post, I will attempt to recreate what you should have seen. I left the sentence below, and the blog begins after.

Make a plan. Write down three steps to begin toward the goal you seek. Then continue

May is an excellent month for renewal. A reset of sorts. May is a beautiful time to clear your head and begin again for those resolutions that have fallen apart. Try this, take a DEEP breath, HOLD it ....... now exhale hard. Blow out all the negative feelings, all the "I can'ts," and breathe in a big breath of fresh air. After you have cleared your mind, think of what you want to accomplish.

Make a plan. Write down three steps to begin toward the goal you seek. Then continue to work toward that goal. Do not create a long list of everything you want to change. Pick an important one and focus on that. You will still have speed bumps. There will always be some hurdles in this beautiful game of life we are perpetually working through; how you approach those hurdles will determine how quickly and fluidly you make it over them. Having a plan is quintessential to getting over them unscathed.

Remember to allow yourself the proper amount of time for each step. Too much time and things will not progress fast enough. You will get discouraged or miss an opportunity. Too little time, and you will get frustrated and possibly give up entirely.

Another key to accomplishing goals is incorporating help. Having a support system is a massive help in keeping us motivated. Think of a sports team. Many of them have cheerleaders, and even those sports that do not, have FANS! In fact, there are news segments and polls regarding "what team has the best fans" because fans are an essential part of the players' psyche.

We do not do anything alone. No one in history, good or bad, accomplished what they did solely by themselves. Some people think they can, or have. They cannot and have not. It simply is not how things work. I am not sure when, why, or how people got it in their heads that they aren't "somebody" if they do not accomplish their goal on their own! Frankly, I do not think it makes anyone look more successful. Personally, I feel it makes a person look a little selfish and short-sighted. Not recognizing those who have helped you along the way does not diminish the work YOU did.

Take this month to refresh, renew, and reset. Enjoy the new growth on trees, in the ground, and all around you. Appreciate those that support you and support others. Create a plan, take deep breaths, and if you need a cheerleader, reach out. Send me a message! I'll be your fan. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Love Lots; Smile Often



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