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Welcome (Back) and Hello!

For some, this may be the first time we are meeting. (Hello! Feel free to read my past posts that were moved from my old blog site). For others, this is just a continuation of our relationship. (Hello! It's lovely to have you back, I am glad you found me, and I hope you enjoy the new look.)

There is so much going on in the world right now, and much of it isn't very uplifting. It seems there is danger, chaos, stress, and sadness just around every corner. It is difficult to believe in things getting better and then ...

Suddenly you notice a small little miracle. It might be a sunrise, or a friend calls with good news, or a flower pops up in a place you would think nothing beautiful could grow, and then you remember - There is always hope.

Hope is that thing we cling to when things are bad; sometimes hope falls through our fingers like water, but when we need it most suddenly, hope finds a way back into our hearts. We can take a deep breath and remind ourselves, "It will be all right." It might take time. It might take work. There will be compromises, and there will most likely be losses, but good days will come again.

I hope to bring hope and joy to you. My hope is by our interactions we can support and be there for one another, learning along the way. It is never too late to learn new things. Even more necessary, possibly, it is never too late to change your viewpoint on a subject matter. Keep that in mind in the days going forward. Open your hearts, open your minds. Open your ears and truly listen to one another. We are all in this world together; let us do our best to bring joy to everyone.

Just a quick reminder to LOVE LOTS; SMILE OFTEN #LLSO

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