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We never outgrow a SMILE!

Once upon an evening so rare

A beautiful woman with auburn hair

Came trotting along

Singing a song

"A smile is something we can share!"

You see, this beautiful woman was strong and bright

Throughout her life, many questioned her might

They felt she did not belong

But she proved them wrong

She believed in herself most days and nights.

She tired of the fight every day

To show all the world she was okay

She learned quite soon

We must take the opportune

To acknowledge we all can have bad days.

There were times she felt it was time to conform

She felt beat and overwhelmed by the storm

Then someone would call

Who needed her all

And her thoughts would magically transform

So many know not why they're here

They can't fathom; their purpose is not clear

But she knew from the start

She'd bring joy to many hearts

And would continue always to persevere

Bad days would come, and then they would go

"Focus on the good," she'd say, "Don't you know?

Because no matter the rain

The sun comes back again

And a smile is something we never outgrow."

Love Lots; Smile Often



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