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We interrupt this program ...

This story of Declan and Ellie, this story of deep despair versus extreme untarnished happiness, this idea has/had merit. There is a story. Where it is going, how it ends ... Sometimes moments do not turn out the way we anticipate. Writing is work. Stories do not just happen, just like life.

It feels like the idea of Declan and Ellie was a lifetime ago. I could come up with something for this installment but we both know my heart hasn't been with Declan and Ellie for some time now. I will finish their story someday, but it will not be today.

Things happen in the world, and often we aren't the same people at the end of the story that we were in the beginning. This is normal and as it should be. People grow, change.

Honesty is never wrong. Honestly, I do not know where Declan and Ellie are headed. You may have ideas of where you think they are headed, I am open to hearing them. Drop me a line. For now, Declan is searching for his happy and Ellie is sharing hers. Spread your HAPPY! Let your sparkles be seen. Remember seeking and asking for help is a sign of strength. Happiness is best when shared.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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