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Trends, Troubles, & Truths

One of the latest trends going around is WORDLE. Wordle is a simple guessing game, you get six chances to guess the correct word, and there is a new puzzle every twenty-four hours. When a letter is in the word but not in the correct place, it turns yellow; it turns green when it is in the correct place. If the letter is not in the word, it stays grey. When you have completed the puzzle, you can share your win with the world without ruining the game for anyone else, as it appears like the photo below:

Yes, this is a picture of my guesses while writing this blog. As you can see, in the first word, I guessed I had two letters correct but not in the right place, then three letters with the correct placement; on the fourth try, the word was all correct. People do not tell others the solutions, leaving them to work it out themselves. If you have not tried it yet and enjoy word puzzles, the link is above.

Sometimes you run into people who have terrible attitudes towards trends, which can be troublesome. When you mention the trend, they roll their eyes and give an opinion as though they are almost disgusted by it. The truth is that it is just silly and rude. If you aren't interested in a particular thing (whether it be a trend or not), why must you spit on someone else's enjoyment? Basically, someone is sharing an event or habit with you. The reaction should not be, "Ugh. You are into that?" It should be, "Yes, I've heard of it. I am not really interested in playing. I'm glad you are enjoying it, though!"

I'm not sure what pleasure is drawn from "pissing in someone's Cheerios." I am not a huge fan of sports. Not any particular sport. There are things I like about some and like less about others. However, I have many people in my life who enjoy football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and golf, among others. I've heard people say to those who enjoy watching golf, "It's fine, if you like watching paint dry." I do not know that it is the same. I've watched both, and they have redeeming qualities. Some find hockey's checking (and eventual fights that break out) brutal and barbaric. The simple answer is if you don't enjoy watching it don't! There is no need to convince your friends that watching the World Series is a waste of their time. They enjoy it. Let them.

It is beyond time for each of us to show a bit of kindness and put our opinions (our judgemental put-downs of other people's joys) in the trash. Not the recycling bins. We need to get rid of them completely. If your friends and acquaintances share something they enjoy, the least you can do is let them enjoy it.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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