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Things that make me smile.

Typically typing takes tiny titillating taps from free-flowing fingers, finding keys clicking quickly. Once weary, the whiny writer removes writing rigorously and huffs. This is the theory of deathly drafts.

Alliteration is amusing, it makes me smile.

Cool crisp evenings and all the fabulous colors are amazing. The longer the fall season is the better, in my book. I love when it starts getting cool at night in early September and I always hope for the leaves to turn slowly so it lasts until the end of November.

Autumn is attractive, it makes me smile.

Splish splosh, splish splosh, splish splosh. Waves breaking on the shore, the smell of the water and the call of birds in the distance are calming. I love the solid strength of a lighthouse guiding ships into shore, as the lone caretaker of sailors.

Lighthouses and being near the water are calming, it makes me smile.

Carnations look like fireworks bursting, especially a bouquet with a variety of colors. Big white daisies with bright yellow buttons are shaped like the sun drawn by a child with crayons.

Flowers and crayons are full of colors, it makes me smile.

Friends, laughter, music, dancing - it makes me smile.

Times are tough right now. The atmosphere is divided and although what was once considered normal, things are very far from any type of "normal" now. It is difficult some days to find "your happy place." Taking time to remember what things make you happy and finding new things bring a smile to yourself is important. Look out for yourself, look out for one another. Be kind.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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