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The Thought and The Action

Once upon a time, there was a Thought. This Thought was very strong, large, and consumed the room where it lived. Thought's problem was the room; it could not escape that room. It lived there, often with many other Thoughts, and it was crowded. Also, there were times when it was very uncomfortable. Some Thoughts were not as strong as others; eventually, they would fade away.

Then other Thoughts seemed to keep looping. All the other Thoughts would be very annoyed by them. Sometimes a looping Thought would battle with another looping Thought then, all of a sudden, they both were gone. All the other Thoughts would be relieved.

Then inevitably, one would fight to be the most significant and most substantial and get squished in the room with all the other Thoughts. Not one was able to escape. Until one day, Action came by. It was like a hurricane ripping through, pushing all the smaller thoughts aside, grabbing ahold of that biggest, strongest Thought, and rushing it out of the room. Thought combined with Action became PRODUCTIVITY!

Productivity was amazing! So many things started to happen, some slow, some small. Some were great; some did not work out so well. But what else happened is Productivity actually caused more Thoughts to be created. Thoughts would linger in the room, waiting, hoping, knowing that the only way they could leave the confines of that room was if an Action ripped through the room and decided to take one (or more) of them with Action. Without Action, Thoughts sat in the room, not doing much of anything.

Some Thoughts were all dressed up with glitter and unique colors; they became known as Dreams. Dreams fluttered and made scenes. Often they looked bigger than they needed to be. They were fun, but sometimes they were so busy making themselves pretty they would make themselves slippery or so large they were unattainable when Action came.

There was always one Thought with a light. Sometimes it would shine real bright; sometimes, it would be so dull it looked like it would flicker out completely; its name was Hope. Hope was one of those Thoughts that never wanted to leave the room. Hope was a Thought that knew it was supposed to stay in the room. So Hope would take a bit of its light and attach it to other Thoughts. Hope wanted the thoughts it gave its light to be the ones whisked away by Action. Sometimes Hope would stick a little bit of its light to many Thoughts, just hoping one of them would be taken by Action. Hope knew the only way any of the Thoughts, whether they were Dreams or otherwise, Action was their ticket out.

Thoughts are great. They are the quintessential starting point. But without Action, Thoughts are just Thoughts. I know what you are thinking, "It's the thought that counts." But is it? Really? Like many quotes, this one has been edited by leaving out the beginning of Henry van Dyke Jr.'s quote, "It is not the gift, but the thought that counts." His quote referred to the specific Thought that came before the action of getting/giving a gift. Again, to further show, without Action, Thought is just ... thought!

The earliest human would have starved if they only thought about sharpening stones into weapons. The Wright brothers would have never left the ground. Apple would still just be a fruit. Without action, thoughts simply remain in your head.

When will you allow your Thoughts free!?

Love Lots; Smile Often



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