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The Satisfying Sounds

When I was a little girl, I saw the movie "The Glass Slipper." The movie was released in 1955; it is a ballet and another version of the story of Cinderella. The character, Mrs. Toquet, played by Estelle Winwood, is the whimsical, quirky fairy godmother. She has this line in the movie after meeting Cinderella, "Cinderella... Cin-der-el-la. Such a beautiful word, I like it very much. There are other words I like very much, like windowsill and elbow. El-bow. And I like Apple Dumpling too. Apple dumpling, it's a comical word. Apple Dumpling. Pickle Relish! That has a nice snap to it! ..." Often, when I hear any of the words in that quote, I will start muttering the quote. I agree with Mrs. Toquet, "There are other words I like very much."

Soliloquy, heartthrob, coincidence, and crust.

Shockwave, complicated, criminy, and musk.

You can try to make correlations for the above words; there are none, except the way they sound is pleasing to my ear. There are certain words I refrain from using, and when others use them, I cringe internally. I shan't list them because some people gain pleasure from annoying others. I do not understand this. Keep in mind, I believe in friendly ribbing on one another, but when you can see that something truly bothers another person, why not just stop? How is hurting someone's feelings or otherwise pleasurable? But I digress.

There are plenty of sounds in the world people enjoy - rain on a tin roof, the breeze through windchimes. You may never have put much thought into how certain words sound to you. Even less thought into whether hearing those words please you or make you cringe. I have heard many people say they don't like the sound of the word "moist." It is funny because the sound of that word always makes me want to giggle. To me, it is just a silly sound, but to others, it is cringeworthy. Those I know who are truly bothered, I try to use a synonym. ("Synonym" That's another word I like hearing.)

Words can hurt. Not by their sound but by their meaning, or the inflection of voice, or the mere content and delivery. It is important to use our words for good. By being aware of your words and how they affect others around you isn't "politically correct," it doesn't make you "soft." It's kind. Frankly, it is that simple. People who run around getting angry because they get reprimanded for using words that offend others are mean and selfish. I try to be understanding if someone uses an offensive word by explaining why it is offensive and politely asking them to use a different word. I hope that if I use an offensive word unknowingly, I would be afforded the same patience and understanding.

Let's have patience with one another. Of course, if someone refuses to be kind and wants to hold on to their words for whatever crazy reason they come up with, it is for your well being and completely okay for you to walk away. Some people cannot be reasoned with, there are mean people out there. Some may even be related to you. You are allowed to love them from a distance and remove yourself from their unkindness.

I think I may go sit by the windowsill, eat some apple dumpling, and read about Cinderella. That sounds good to me. Share in the comments words you find appealing.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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