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The Many Colors of Autumn

Spring, summer, winter ... and fall or autumn? Like its many colors, it is the only season that goes by more than one name. By whichever name you call it, the season is upon us. If you are a fan of pumpkin spice, THIS is your season for sure.

Often the two big seasons are compared, winter and summer. People tend to ask if you like summer or winter. Typically, it is one or the other. Even though I have asked and answered the comparison, as soon as it comes out of my mouth, I think about it and quickly establish that autumn is truly my favorite season. For me, the temperatures are perfect. Not too hot, and being outside in shorts is not uncomfortable. The smell of the air is crisp and fragrant. Once the colors start to change, it is fantastic. I understand that autumn is the doorway to winter, and many people do not like winter.

The fact is every season has its time and place. We cannot control them. The seasons will come and go. It is best to enjoy the moment and live in the present. Presently, we are beginning my favorite season. I will certainly make a point of enjoying every minute of it as long as it lasts. How about you? What is your favorite season? How do you enjoy the seasons that do not make you as happy? A season can be excruciatingly long and intolerable when you don't make the best of it.

If you aren't a fan of fall, may I suggest driving to the top of a hill to see all the amazing colors, take a walk at a park and take deep breaths, enjoying the crisp air? You could bring out your inner seven-year-old and jump in some leaves. If you can't jump in them, make a pile for the children in the neighborhood and listen to them giggle and enjoy. It will be worth it.

Love Lots; Smile Often


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