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The Lost Art of Writing

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Or received a written letter? Or sent or received a postcard?

If you follow this blog, you have seen this picture. All of the items in it are my own. I enjoy writing with quills, both glass and feather. I have many fountain pens and have fun experimenting with different ink and paper. It is so much fun to see the ink present on the paper. My handwriting isn't the most beautiful, but the more I work, the prettier it becomes.

I also have many postcards and enjoy exchanging them with people all over the world. My mother and Great-grandmother Hattie (whom I am named after) used to exchange postcards. Hattie had a collection of postcards she kept and gave to my mother. My mother gave that collection to me. It sat dormant for years, not being added to, then one day I came across it and thought, "How will this collection ever grow? No one sends postcards anymore, do they?" Of course, thanks to the internet, I found this site:

The Postcrossing logo is a registered trademark.

Here you can create a profile and mail postcards only within the United States, or you can choose to mail them all over the world! Initially, you can request up to five addresses to send postcards to; after you have received your fifth postcard, your limit increases. I am currently up to a limit of 10 cards. I will typically request the addresses all at once, mail out the cards over two days, and then wait. As my cards are received and registered by those I sent them to, I have the joy and anticipation of receiving as many cards in return.

My Great-grandmother Hattie & my mother, Donna's Post-Card Album

My daughter knows that I will pass down this collection to her. Pulling it out and looking at the cards, knowing that I will have more cards to add to it, makes me happy. Knowing I can sit down with my daughter and my mother and look through the cards of yesteryears, taking the time to hear stories of the past that my mother can share not only with just me but with my daughter (her grandchild) makes my heart leap. I never got to meet Great-grandma Hattie, but through this collection and the memories of my mother, I (and my daughter) can enjoy and feel connected to a past we might not otherwise know.

Write letters to your loved ones. Send a postcard to a friend. Even in today's digital world, I would wager a bet that everyone likes to receive mail. You will have to excuse me now; I have a couple of postcards to write.

Love Lots; Smile Often

MommaHattie #LLSO

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