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The fun comes from-try, try again!

Goals are important. Without goals, what is our end game?

Some goals are created for us. When we are young, our parents develop goals for us, such as walking, talking, reading, and writing. The goals may hold more value for the parents than the child; the child soon learns that goals are essential and achieving them feels good. Creating goals in each aspect of our lives helps to move them forward. If we have no goals in our work life, then we will likely stay in the position initially hired for without advancing. If we have no goals for our health, it is likely we will get sick. No goals for our relationships; they become stagnant or fail altogether. Goals are important, and reaching them is intoxicating.

When we fail to reach a goal, it often feels defeating. The interesting thing about not getting a goal is the goal can be reevaluated and attempted again. Babies never crawl on the first attempt. No one walks on their first attempt. It is okay to keep trying. We never fail until we give up.

My goal, beginning September 4, was to walk three miles at least three times a week. In the first week, I achieved my goal exactly. The second week I walked every day, over two miles but not quite three on any given day. I was happy with my accomplishment because although I may not have achieved the specific goal I set, what I did was an accomplishment. Today is the first day of the third week, and I walked three miles. One day checked off! Even better than thinking about achieving the goal I set at the beginning of the month is achieving a goal I did not realize I had until I was in the process of completing the goal. I walked three miles in 54 minutes. This was a personal best, and I was exhausted but excited about the achievement. I believe this extra accomplishment will assist me in reaching my original goal for the rest of the month. It's encouraging.

Creating the goal, taking steps to accomplish the goal, and getting encouragement from accomplishments or others are keys to completing the goal. Do not give up. Stumble, take a breather, maybe even reevaluate, but do NOT give up. There is so much more fun to be had when we keep trying!

Love Lots; Smile Often



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