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The first snow is magical!

No matter what, when the first snow falls, every year, every time - it is MAGICAL! Every. Single. Time. All of a sudden, I am seven again. It is magic. This year the first snow did not stop for twenty-four hours. Areas around Western New York received up to six feet of the magical white stuff. The thing about this area is when it snows like this everyone helps each other! (MAGIC) Snow piles up and people create outdoor refrigerators and bars with seating areas. (MAGIC) Children get days off from school and play outside not on their electronic devices. (MAGIC)

My family knows my love of rubber ducks as well as snow and gave me little rubber duckie snowmakers! My son and I made a few in between shoveling out the driveway and the cars.

After two days of shoveling together and with help from our neighbors, we were able to clear our driveway and at least one car to be able to drive when the driving ban is lifted. The very large pile of snow is not a van - it's a Subaru Outback!

Although we are all sore, the thoughts of building snow forts, slides, and snowpeople are running rampant through my head, and my son will assist me because he loves me ... AND MAGIC!

Try to look beyond the hardships and pain. Remember when you were seven and it seemed you were seeing everything for the first time? MAGIC. Find the magic, or at the very least, do not build walls to keep the magic out. If you can't build a snowman, give someone who can a scarf to put on their snowman, or a hat - remember Frosty? The magic was in the hat!

Love Lots; Smile Often

MommaHattie #LLSO

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