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The Beginning

An introduction of things to come.

Thanks for popping by. The original seventeen post were from my first blog site. Feel free to read and comment on them, I left the original dates of when they were posted. This "featured post" was my very first and sort of an introduction to who I am. I thought it was a good way to introduce new and old people to my new blog site. Enjoy and please, let me know what you think. ~ Momma Hattie

What stops a writer from writing? Thoughts like, "Who wants to read what I type?" or "Am I really going to have time for this?" or "What will be my focus?"  

Originally published 24 August 2015 at 8:36 PM EDT

Everyone has done it.  (Okay, so not everyone.) Many have contemplated writing a blog.  I have many times and I really am not sure what it is that stops me from actually starting! I suppose it is the normal things such as, "Who wants to read what I type?" or "Am I really going to have time for this?" or "What will be my focus?"  Valid questions but certainly no reason to not start, right?  After all, there is no harm in it, if people want to read it, they will.  If it is important enough to you, you will make time. As far as focus, well, I am sure that will come together in time.  So here it is, my attempt at blogging ... (which by the way is a terrible word, it doesn't even sound pleasing to the ear.)

Pretty much everyone has something to say, they have an opinion on a variety of matters and most people like to share their opinions and have them validated by others or just look forward to debating with others.  Personally, I always like a good debate but a blog never seemed to be the appropriate venue for it.  The immediate gratification is not really there and it is difficult to banter back and forth quickly.  In the end, the sharing of opinions or ideas with others, I suppose that is really what blogging is all about and if people find your opinions pleasing or very controversial they will tend to read them more often, if for no other reason to share their opinion back.

This first blog is short with little point to it but as the title states, "it all starts somewhere" and what better place to start than a miscellaneous rant about blogging?  This would be a rhetorical question but feel free to answer if you are compelled.

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