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Stress isn't Sexy

It is unavoidable. The most chill person we know still has stress in their life. Yes, some of us deal with it better than others, as far as we know.

See, the adage, "You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." It could also be said, "You don't know how someone deals with stress unless you live through all of their stresses, through their lens." It is unfair to think that we could handle someone else's stress better than they just as much as it is unjust to think that others could handle our stresses better than ourselves. Give each other a break.

Stress comes in all different forms and at different times. Not to mention, sometimes, you could be dealing with one stressing event or multiple. There is no perfect solution for every stress. We have to meet each stress as they come. This is the key to handling any stressor - meet it as it comes.

So many of us stress before the actual stressor has even happened. We anticipate the results and put ourselves into such a tizzy that we are stressed before, during, AND after! Take a breath! Take two if you need to. That would seem to be step one. It may not solve the problem, but it will give you a moment to focus.

Then you might try to do a quick assessment. Ask yourself, "What parts of this situation do I have control over?" Think about this, and then try to let go of the parts that you do not control. If you absolutely cannot, go to the person who controls that part and have a conversation. This also may be difficult; however, the more we take the time to communicate with one another, the better informed each of us will be. Then we are taking better care of ourselves, and we can start taking better care of one another.

Some moments we stress over are entirely out of anyone's hands. No one controls the outcome. No one has the control period. We can worry and fret all we want; it is not going to change anything. Some people just are worriers by nature, and this will never change. Me writing this, or even telling you to your face to "Stop worrying," isn't going to make you stop magically. However, it doesn't change the fact that stress is hard on our bodies, both physically and mentally. We must all do what we can to lower our stress levels.

Being kind to one another lets others know we are here to listen, or we can just sit silently with them. We do not have to understand why something that would not stress ourselves might affect someone else, but we can be present. We can accept that we all handle moments differently. We do not even have to agree with one another to be kind. Let's give one another a little slack, and if we do not understand anything else, understand kindness is always the right answer. Maybe that will lower all of our stresses, together.

Love Lots; Smile Often


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