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🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ Squirrels. 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️

A man posed this question to me the other day ... "How do squirrels die? Besides roadkill. Why is it you never see a squirrel carcass, ever!"

This picture (courtesy of my daughter) is what I looked like when he posed the aforementioned question. In my mind flew thoughts like - What makes people think of these things? What odd dinner fodder! Did I really hear what he just said? OMG, Why don't we ever see dead squirrels lying about except when they are roadkill?

Of course, I answered immediately, "Because they get eaten." I answered with the utmost confidence as though the answer had been within me all these years, just waiting to be asked. That was pretty much the end of that conversation. However, days later, I was meant to be working on whatever was sitting on my forever "to-do" list. I found myself pondering the question and, of course, "googling" said question. Which pushed me down the digital rabbit hole ... er ... squirrels nest. Either way, what I found out is not as important as why I was doing it.

Why was I surfing the internet on why we never run into squirrel carcasses except on the road? Because I was performing the age-old art of ... PROCRASTINATION! I like to consider myself an expert in the field. I am a proud procrastinator and have quite a few close friends who I consider experts. You may look at procrastination as a bad thing. I do not. (And if you google "Procrastination Good or Bad?" You will get lots of information that tells you the pros and cons of procrastination. You will also find out that there are upwards of six different styles of procrastination! (Who knew, right?)

Some people categorize procrastinators as "lazy," which is offensive and often untrue. Many people procrastinate at some point in their lives and may not be chronic procrastinators. Others may procrastinate on only certain matters. For example, a person may be meticulous at their place of work, but at home, they procrastinate when it comes to everyday housework. Laundry, washing dishes, dusting, and mundane chores that are never actually done maybe a so boring or overwhelming that a person cannot help but procrastinate.

There are many suggestions to help procrastinators. Personally, I embrace my procrastination. I reach my goals on time far more often than not, and my procrastination rarely affects others. If it has, no one has ever complained to me! If you are a procrastinator, don't beat yourself up over it. Well, not right away anyway. Why not put it off for a bit? Take some time to look up the life span of squirrels. You never know; it might spark an interest in something else you can enjoy while you are not working on what you "should be!"

Love Lots; Smile Often



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