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So, What Motivates YOU?

Motivation is what keeps us going. Whether we recognize it or not. We would all just become squishy piles of sludge without it. When I asked the question, "What motivates you?" many people found it difficult to answer. Almost all of the people I asked who responded replied with "feelings" versus "stuff." The answers made me happy.

The fact that the people who responded to me care more about how completing things makes them feel rather than the tangible reward they could receive made me smile. Some of the answers I received were:

  • Others

  • Seeing other's reach their goals or potential

  • Creating something that brings joy to others

  • Potentially getting to spend time with someone

  • Desire to live a long healthy life

  • Rest

  • Food

Most, as you can see, had to do with others and/or feelings. The feeling of happiness is brought on by seeing others' joy, helping others, or anticipating seeing someone. In a world that sometimes feels like "every man for himself," I was pleasantly surprised that more of the answers had to do with others than selves. Also, I did not get many saying "things," such as money, prizes, perks, or bragging rights.

Now I am sure that there are times in all our lives that some "thing" is our motivation. I am not saying this is wrong. Who isn't motivated at doing a really great job knowing there will be a bonus or promotion at the end? What I found so inspiring was that it wasn't the top answer. People (and happy feelings) beat out stuff. I am pleased to know that people are more important than things.

Helping people, inspiring others, being their biggest fan, or cheerleader, these are the things that motivate me. No money or item beats the feeling of helping someone succeed or making them smile. Not in my world, and now I know others feel the same. Let's all get out there and inspire others. Think what this world could be if we all lifted one another up!

As always,

Love Lots; Smile Often

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