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Sharing a piece of my past.

Vigil By The Sea

I've never traveled from the shore.

I've not been one to roam,

But through the night

I tend the light

And guide the sailors home.

At break of dawn I take my rest

As seaman wake at sea.

With morning light,

The day turns bright

And has no need of me.

The afternoons are mine alone;

I pass them as I please.

While gulls at play,

The salt-sea spray

Help put my heart at ease.

But duty calls when evening falls,

And I take up my post.

While others dream,

I aim the beam

To mark the darkened coast.

I live a lonely, quiet life

Beside the restless foam,

But tend the light

Through gloom of night

To guide the sailors home.

~Jeff Morgan

This poem was written on the back of a jigsaw puzzle box. The puzzle was a picture of a lighthouse. I am not a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast; they are not something I overly enjoy; however, I did put this one together, and it hung in my room and was taken with me when I moved along with the poem on the back of the box. I have always loved lighthouses, the water, and boats. I always wanted to sail from a very young age though I had not even set foot on any boat. I often dreamed of living on a tiny island by myself, tending the light in a lighthouse. I rode my bike during the summers and played with neighborhood friends like most children. Still, the times I remember most were going down to the creek alone with my little battery-operated typewriter and a couple of cans of A&W root beer, writing and enjoying the water.

I still love lighthouses and being by (or especially on) the water. The Erie Basin Marina in the city of Buffalo, New York, was my favorite place once I was able to drive. I would spend hours on the rocks down low enough that most people could not see me and write while I admired the Buffalo Main Lighthouse from a distance. Now I enjoy seeing the lighthouse from another vantage point at Wilkeson Pointe on the Outer Harbor. I've been to the top of the Buffalo Main Lighthouse twice. I will go again.

This weekend I am visiting the Barcelona Lighthouse, and I am very excited about it. Though I will not be able to climb it due to interior structural safety issues. I am hoping that will change someday. I recently found out about the US Lighthouse Society's Passport Club (Yes, I immediately became a member!) There are a variety of lighthouses that participate in the program, and you can get your passport stamped at these locations. There are 667 participating lighthouses in the United States (including Puerto Rico) add in the 28 international participating lighthouses; that is 695 stamps I need to collect! My first will be this week. I am very excited. I may never own an island with a lighthouse that I tend the light on, however, I can certainly live the dream of visiting as many lighthouses as possible.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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