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SEVEN is Utopia

Sunday, June 12, 2016 My son just turned 18, my daughter is on the verge of 25.  I've overheard people say to both, "This is the best time of your life."  I fear it is not.  That time has long past.  It passed by me in May 1978 when I became 8 but the year before that!  OH, WHAT A YEAR! Seven is a magical age.  At seven you still have a little bit of "baby face" in you, just enough that people look at you with adoring eyes and yet, you haven't enough to be considered a baby.  You're a little taller so you can reach things on counters or at least have enough sense and strength to move a chair over to do so.  Parents will hold your hand and you don't mind but the second you are across that busy street you let go, and they let you, usually looking at you lovingly with a smile maybe a little jealousy of your youth and unbound frivolity. At seven you know nothing of politics, sex, drugs, or term papers.  Most seven-year-olds are in second grade and know how to read and can write stories.  They may be introduced to the concept of multiplication and division but in no way are expected to "know their times tables"!  They most likely know how to ride a bike on their own, as well as swim and shower on their own. They have a certain amount of independence and yet, their parents or sweet older siblings are never too far away for protection or help. Your imagination ran wild at seven and you looked at the world with excitement.  Even something you saw yesterday was discovered as new today because at seven you enjoyed the world at that moment without comparing it to anything. Your imagination ran wild and was your very best friend. Everything was a delight and there were few responsibilities laid upon you.  Sure, your parents might ask you to clean your room but if you struggled they would help.  You're seven!  Still young enough to get away with the pouty face but old enough to know how to use it! Seven was the perfect age.  The perfect year.  Seven is "the best time of your life" and when you look back instead of looking at it like it has come and gone I think people so embrace it.  It isn't difficult. Shake off the cynicism that has come with aging and look at the world differently.  Put on some rose colored glasses and smile.  Imagine your salad is a bowl full of Gahookie Fruit and the tomatoes that top it are Chipley Tree Balls.  Look at the people you pass by with wonder and amazement because you don't know their stories or where they have been.  Make up their stories and make them good ones.  Jump in puddles, and scream when you step on a manhole cover.  Eat ice cream like it's your first time and enjoy. Enjoy everything. Enjoy waking up in the morning. Enjoy cuddling into bed at night.  Enjoy seeing an old friend. Enjoy meeting a stranger. Enjoy seeing the moon in the sky during the day! (This is a personal favorite and I will write more about that some other time.)  Enjoy life.  Bring out your inner seven-year-old and think of what a wonderful world this would be if everyone did! Posted by MommaHattie at 10:41 AM

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