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Raining in Hope

Sunday, April 14, 2019

It's raining ... again. This seems to happen periodically.  The clouds above fill up with moisture to capacity and then all of a sudden without warning droplets of water fall from the sky and hit the earth below creating a soggy wet experience for all. Okay, typically it doesn't happen without warning.  There are plenty of news stations and stations dedicated solely to the weather that will give you predictions of upcoming precipitation. So we are typically not too surprised when it happens. You would think the same would hold true for those people in your life that constantly disappoint you. After all, they have shown you time and time again who they truly are and yet you decide to cling to hope that they will change or something in the foundation of who they are will come to the surface and replace the undesirable behavior. It doesn't happen. You get mad, or sad and then you move on clinging to that hope that next time will be different.  Why? Why do we cling to that hope?  We have years of proof that it isn't going to change and yet, we hope. A synonym for hope is "expect" but how can one expect a change if time and time again the results are always the same?  Where does hope come from and why do we cling to it?   Actually, statistically speaking we seem to have less hope compared to the early 1800s ( a fact that doesn't surprise me much).  Look here to see the use of hope over the decades: Usage of hope You can see, although the literary use of the word "hope" has diminished we have not "lost all hope" and there, in the end, lies why we continue to allow people around us who continue to act badly the opportunity to "try try again".  Just as we hope the rain will stop. Posted by MommaHattie at 2:40 PM

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