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Plan, work, and forgive as needed.

Here we are, another year is almost done, and a new year is about to begin. Somehow every one of us here has made it through, some with scratches, some with scars, some with open wounds. How we move forward will be very different for each of us. The moment you feel a change is necessary, you should act on it. There is no reason to wait for the first month or a new year. Just do it! Although a new year is not a bad time to act on the desire for self-improvement.

If having a starting point on the first day of the first month helps motivate you, use it! Try to refrain from calling it a "New Year's Resolution." When you call it that the "New Year" owns the resolution (see the possessive apostrophe?) You want to own it. You are responsible for the plan, engagement, and outcome. I know that sounds foreboding. "What if you fail?" You have to take full responsibility for that failure. Yes? Well, what do you consider a "failure."

There will always be speed bumps no matter what change or self-improvement you are taking an active role in. It is inevitable. Mistakes, setbacks, and the like are a part of the process. Working through them is part of the process. The best way to handle them is to accept that they happen and have a plan for when they do.

Forgiveness is also key. Be sure to give yourself at the very least the kindness and understanding you would give any one of your closest loved ones. You deserve it as well.

My last posts for 2021 are not exactly what I had planned. I have no time machine. I am unable to go back in time and change the past. The future is where my focus needs to be. I can plan for the future; I cannot return to the past. You can help with that plan -

  • What blogs did you enjoy in 2021?

  • What would you like to read about?

  • What subjects interest you the most?

  • Any suggestions are welcome.

Enjoy the rest of your 2021. Stay healthy, be happy. Be kind to one another and, as always,

Love Lots; Smile Often


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