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Patience - Learned, earned, or born with?

Sorry for the delay. Were you patient?

According to, the definition of patience is "the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like." How patient are you? Are you more patient for some things more than others? Or is your patience determined by your mood?

People typically will equate patience as a good trait to have, but can someone have too much patience? Have you ever known someone who gives a person in their life chance after chance after chance? Are they patient or just a glutton for punishment?

We all need patience. Unfortunately, with overnight shipping, wifi, and instant "everything," many of us either haven't required patience or never learned it. I believe patience can be learned. I also think that some people are inherently born with it, and some people have more of it than others. I was born with a considerable amount of patience and, possibly, because I grew up in a relatively large family, I also learned patience. With many siblings, laundry, food to cook, a house to build and clean, and a husband to tend to, you can imagine my Mommie was very busy. I never felt neglected, mind you. I just got good at waiting for my turn, and I was good at it.

We have all heard "patience is a virtue," but do we know what that means? A virtue is equated to excellence, a "high standard." If you have patience, does that make you virtuous? I suppose. I never cared for the cliche. Patience is something we all need a bit of; however, those who have more don't put them above those with less. If you happen to have more patience, then it just gives you the ability to be more patient for those that have less!

In the UK, "Patience" is a card game we in the US call "Solitaire." It made me smile when I learned that. It puts a different perspective on the game when titled "Patience" rather than "Solitaire." Patience sounds inviting, calm, and kind. Solitaire, on the other hand, rings lonely.

When you can, give someone your patience. Children learning new skills will thrive much better and have healthier attitudes if we show them a bit of patience. Even as adults, I believe we would enjoy things much more if we had some patience. If our co-workers, bosses, and family members had more patience with us, wouldn't it make time spent with them far more pleasant?

Thanks for waiting.

As always,

Love Lots; Smile Often

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