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No Permission Needed

Above a very dear friend of mine posted this, apparently four days ago. (Hee hee.) Th post made me smile because this woman does not need permission to wear her Uggs or any other clothing, so I took it as a rhetorical question. Th n I reread the last sentence, "...people tend to look at me like I'm a freak at this time of year." The sentiment made me a bit sad and stirred some feelings in me. Fe ings I have written about in the past. I b lieve they are worth repeating.

Why do people look at others "like they are a eak" because of their choice of clothing? Why can't you wear Uggs whenever you want? Why does it matter if it is only 30 degrees Fahrenheit and someone is wearing shorts outside or 90 degrees and someone is wearing a sweatshirt? These "infractions" (and I am using the term for the moment, as I do not believe they are - infractions) are not any different than playing Christmas songs "too early"! Just because I do not want to play Christmas music before December 1st, does not mean that no one is allowed to play it before that date. In the grand scheme of life, what harm does it cause?

There are people who love Chritmas. The decorations, the lights, the music so much, they would be happy to have them up and listen to carols all year long. I have a friend who truly enjoys Christmas. Seeing her smile when she listens to carols, sets up her Christmas village or decorates warms my heart. I do not care what time of year it is because I am not focusing on the Christmas part, I rather focus on her smile.

Back to the clothing issue. Today, my family and I went to a corn maze. There was a women there wearing a faux leather mini skirt, a two-toned cardigan sweater, and heeled knee-hi boots. She looked amazing. I even mentioned to my daughter because the woman caught my eye, "Wow, that is quite the outfit. Unexpected but beautiful." She seemed confortable and in no way was her attire going to affect anyone's day at the corn maze. In the end, I smiled and thought, "Good for her. She isn't looking for permission." Nor should she.

If each of us could take a breath, at least, to look at the person in any situation. To truly see how the person is feeling, to see the joy and comfort in their face and focus on how their clothes, decorations, choice in music is making them happy, then why should we diminish their happiness. Especially, when it has zero impact on ourself. We all have clothes that make us feel good. Holidays and music affect each of us differently. I do understand that sometimes certain reminders can bring up bad memories, or hard times. This does not give us permission to be mean to others because they are enjoying something. Communicating that, maybe for example, hearing Christmas tunes is difficult for you can be a better way of dealing with someone who is gleaning happiness from playing them. You might find that the person you confide in may bring back some joy for you!

In short, you do not need permission to enjoy something or be comfortable in your environment so long as you are not infringing or hurting someone else. Wearing Uggs in late October? You go, Gurl! You aren't hurting a soul.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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