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New Year; New You; Same Results

Many people get excited about the new year and make plans to change, improve, overhaul, complete all kinds of goals and aspirations. And right around this time, just a couple of weeks in is when people get discouraged, feel they failed, or just plain quit. What happens is most people try to change too much at once, or they do not make a plan. They often only consider doing any of this because it seems like a good time for a new start or because of the basic instinct to have a "New Year's Resolution." Here's the thing - You can resolve ANY TIME YOU WANT! AND, wait for it; you can continue to try (or try again) if you have fallen off a bit. It is okay, and, believe it or not, no one is keeping score.

There is a reason why it's called a "first attempt" because there will be a second, third, and so on. You have as many attempts as you need. Wish you had a "do-over"? Guess what? You do! Just try again. I do not know of anyone who was 100% successful on their very first try. The great thing about all the "tries" after the first is you get to take with you what you learned from the prior attempts. If your goal is to work out more and you tried fitting workouts in whenever you could, you may have learned winging it like that does not work. So on your next attempt, maybe you schedule workouts into your day!?

Many articles will tell you to "share your goals" with the world and make it public knowledge that you are attempting a change. I say, tread lightly here. Sadly, many people are lined up to see you fail. It is unfortunate. Some people do it unconsciously. They may be a spouse or a friend who is afraid you might leave them behind if you succeed. It might be an acquaintance who, in their mind, feels everything is a competition, and they want to "win," and for that to happen, you must fail. Unfortunately, not everyone always has your best interest at heart, whether consciously or unconsciously. You might be saying to yourself, "I don't care what anyone else thinks." The truth, if you want to be honest, is we do not want to care what anyone else thinks, but often we do. Maybe quietly. Maybe in the back of our mind. Perhaps right in the middle of our hearts, but we care. We cannot help it. You can do this with or without them.

It is incredible when you have people in your life who encourage you. When you have your very own private cheering section or the people who always have a positive thing to say. If you have people like that in your life, cherish them and hang on to them. If you can be that person for someone, take on the role. You will not regret it.

As far as the "New Year; New You" is concerned - if you are still working towards your goals with no hiccups, GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up; you are doing great. If you've run into a speedbump (or even if you have entirely fallen off track), take a deep breath, brush yourself off, and learn from what did not work. Then, make a plan, and start again. Don't wait for a new year. Hell, don't even wait for a new week. Just decide NOW is my starting point and go for it. And if you need a cheering section, reach out to me! I know you can do it, and I will be here to root you on! Now is always a great place to start and start again.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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