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Never too old - to learn or lend support.

We have all heard, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks. It is simply not true. Any person at any age can learn something new. But beyond that, a person can start something new at any age! You are never too old. You get to choose. If you do not want to, your age is not stopping you; it's your desire or your doubt.

Sometimes we can all use that person in our corner to lend us that little bit of support to push us through our doubts. If you can be that person for someone, make sure you do. You never know if your "You can do it" is just the push someone needs to make the next step towards a better, more fulfilling life.

Five decades is a long time. Some consider fifty old; others do not. Regardless, I would like to introduce three women who, after five decades, have decided to venture into "new tricks." I hope you will check them out, and if you can use their services, I have no doubt you will be happy. I met the following women around a decade apart from each other.

May I introduce Patty - a friend I met in my teens; Michelle - a friend I met in my twenties; and Vanessa - a friend I met in my thirties.

Patty Cakes 716

Patty and I went to high school together. She has always had a great smile and zest for life. Although time and miles separated us, reunions and the internet connected us again.

Patty had a talent that she delighted in but did not know this joy could be so much more. A few people tried her baked goods and gave her fantastic feedback. She started selling baked goods out of her home. Through word of mouth, more and more people began enjoying her baked goods. People supported and encouraged the idea of Patty creating her own bakery. The result is Patty Cakes 716! An incredible array of confectionaries is brought to you by Patty on Main Street in East Aurora. She makes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and banana bread (and I am sure much more)! She provides custom-made orders. I have had her cakes, and they are fantastic. Patty also offers gluten-free items.

MWA Freelance

Michelle and I met when I got a job in a shoe store after deciding to take a hiatus from college. We hit it off quickly, becoming good friends. Circumstances led our lives away from one another; however, circumstances also bumped us back into one another time and again over the years. We have always loved words, and Michelle has taken her love to another level. She offers various services from her years of education and practice, from writing to proofreading. Michelle has integrity, kindness, and determination that complement her excellent skills.

Tempus Fugit Support Services

Vanessa and I met after I began my family. As many women with small children do, we met through volunteering. We continue to volunteer our time and talents both separately and together. (I will admit the "together volunteering" is usually the most fun.) Circumstances changed, and life gave her a nudge toward something she had always been destined to do.

The name says it all - "Tempus Fugit," time flies. A sentiment that is all too familiar as we age. "Support Services" encapsulates Vanessa's entire person.

Vanessa is always supportive, and if I didn't already know her middle name, you would swear it was "Service." Her talents in helping to create one-of-a-kind materials are beyond imagination. Her kindness is unparalleled. Vanessa will work with you to create unique visions. She can give small business owners the gift of time so they can focus on other aspects of their business or spend more time with those they love or both! All of her services are affordable and well worth the money.

Please check out Patty, Michelle, and Vanessa's links above. If you have need of any of their services, tell them MommaHattie sent you, and she says, Hi! I have no doubt each of these women has had (and will have) obstacles in their new endeavors. But trying is the first step.

Do not let age ever be the reason not to venture out into new territory. The only thing stopping you from learning or trying something new is YOU! Dig deep. Find that spark under all your reservations, fear, doubts, or concerns, and let it light you up. Try to surround yourself with people who will encourage and lift you. If you know someone is struggling with anything or trying a new venture, be the support for them that you would want for yourself.

Love Lots; Smile Often

MommaHattie #LLSO

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