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Nanty Narking = Great Fun

It is time for some nanty narking, or in more modern terms, great fun. (I find words can be fun, I hope you do as well.)

Recently, a chuckaboo (a nickname given to a close friend) shared a post of some outdated "Victorian slang." Specifically mentioning that she felt "gigglemug" described me well. (You can see the definition of gigglemug and others in the image below.) I decided to have a bit of fun and created a paragraph out of the small set of words she had shared with me.

"Lately, I am not up to dick. I believe I've got the morbs. I am poked up to say I've contemplated getting tight as a boiled owl, but in the end, I shall bitch the pot, pull a blanket up to Cupid's kettle drums, and pour it in my sauce-box. Then tomorrow, I shall go out in the world as my typical gigglemug."

There are plenty of fun words today, but what makes a word or phrase fade away? Why don't we use 'britches' any longer? To me, it sounds ever so more pleasing than 'pants'! Or, you never hear anyone say, "Who sups with the devil must have a long spoon," which implies that you should keep one eye open when dealing with rascals. Another fun word, "rascals!" You don't hear the use of that one much anymore.

Here is your assignment, dear readers, (Oh? You didn't know there would be homework? *insert gigglemug here*) find a word or phrase that makes you smile, maybe even makes you laugh out loud, that is no longer used and use it! Use it casually. Please do not give a definition unless someone specifically asks for it. If someone asks for an explanation or for your word/phrase to be defined, implore them to use the term. Let's have some nanty narking, increase our vocabularies, and bring back some long forgotten words that maybe shouldn't have gone away in the first place!

Love Lots; Gigglemug



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