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My favorites do not have to be Yours!

Everyone likes to be accepted AND be an individual. If we were all exactly the same, there would be nothing unique, and life would become very dull, very fast. And yet, as much as people "say" they are unique, something causes each of us to try to convince others to agree with our likes or dislikes.

I am not talking about politics, religion, or philosophies. I am referring to liking, say, pickles! If I say, "I like dill pickles, they are the best." There is someone who will say, "Ew no! Don't you know sweet pickles are the best? Why would you eat dill pickles ever? They are just gross."

This debate or disagreement happens often. (Not necessarily pickles; you can put anything in place of that; another food, a favorite color, car, or movie. Just about anything.) Why must people get upset with someone else's choice? If I like dill pickles and you don't, isn't that a good thing? After all, if there is a bowl of each on a table and we are the only two in the room, there isn't any competition for the item each of us prefers! We can each grab the bowl of our desired type of pickle and eat the whole bowl without concern that we need to share! A win-win in my book.

This past week alone, I have had more than three people tell me I am wrong for liking something I like. I don't understand why my favorite color, my choice of adventure, or my desire for change should be put up for debate. I also do not comprehend that if these others do not like orange, traveling alone, or appreciate when things change, why they feel they must convince me I am "wrong" in my likes and desires.

A person isn't "wrong" for what they like - it is their preference. Just because Ford's are your preferred make of vehicles does not mean mine should be. Now, if I said, "Oh, so you like Fords. That is interesting. I do not particularly like them because I've never had good luck with them." This statement shows the reasoning for me why Fords are not my preferred vehicle without discounting nor trying to convince the Ford lover to change their feelings on the matter. We are allowed to like different things, and neither one of us is wrong because of our preference.

Embrace other people's likes and allow them their own opinion. You have yours, and your tastes and desires should be respected as well. After all, we are individuals.

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