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Kyle, The Great White Shark

Kyle was a great white shark. As you know, great white sharks are feared by humans and other animals worldwide. Kyle was lonely. No one wanted to be his friend because no one knew him. They only thought they knew him.

Kyle looked scary; with his five rows of razor-sharp teeth, everyone assumed he would attack at any moment. No one ever gave him the chance to let him introduce himself. One day he saw a bunch of people up on a boat, listening to music and hanging out; Kyle swam very fast towards the surface of the water, breached, and landed on the boat to say, "Hi!" Everyone screamed and ran. Some jumped in the water. Kyle went back into the water to see if he could make friends with a bloke who had jumped in and when Kyle approached him, the guy punched him right in the snout. Kyle swam away. His feelings and his nose hurt.

Kyle spent most of his days alone. Until one day, a little fish came up beside Kyle. Remmy followed Kyle for hours. Kyle slowed down his swimming to be sure Remmy could keep up. After a little bit, Remmy attached himself to Kyle and introduced himself. Kyle and Remmy became fast friends. They were never apart, and life was sweeter for each of them.

No one should be judged on their looks. You never know how great a friendship can become until you give it a chance. Remmy and Kyle are good examples. Kyle, a great white shark, cannot remove parasites that would irritate him. Remmy, a remora fish, being so small, needs protection and feeds on the parasites. Their relationship makes life better for both of them.

We all have heard, "Looks can be deceiving," or "Never judge a book by its cover." How often do we remember this advice when it counts most? Every day we move about this large marble we call Earth and are so caught up in our own lives we do not notice there are those around us just looking for a friend. When you see that one standing alone, seemingly awkward, why not take a moment to see how they are doing. Not in the way everyone says, "How are you." as a greeting, not interested in the answer, actually ask and listen. You might be surprised and find a friendship you had been missing.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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