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Jumpy, The Zebra Spider

Jumpy was a zebra spider. By the mere fact, that he was a spider, he had a difficult time making friends. Jumpy was smaller than a dime! He wondered why people did not like him.

He could only figure that he was different. People he met only had two legs where he had eight! He was very tiny and people were very large. He was different.

Jumpy would do special little dances to show people he was fun and wanted to spend time with them and make them happy. Typically people would scream and either run away or try to hit him with large items. It was terribly scary. Jumpy was lonely and sad.

Until one-day Jumpy saw there was a young gentleman who sat alone and quietly. Jumpy knew this human was different. Jumpy thought to himself, "I am different! Maybe this is the human that will see past my spidery-ness!?

Jumpy, jumped on the human's knee with a bit of fear and a bit of hope. The young gentleman did not scream. He did not flick Jumpy onto the ground. He stuck his finger out and said, "Well, hello there little jumping spider! I am DJ." Jumpy jumped onto DJ's hand and looked straight at him. Jumpy raised one arm waving at DJ to show him he wanted to become best friends.

DJ would sit for hours with Jumpy. DJ talked to him about many different things and Jumpy would just listen. DJ did not want to disrupt Jumpy's life so DJ always came to the same spot where he had first met Jumpy. Jumpy appreciated that DJ did not move him from his home. It would take Jumpy days to get back home if DJ moved him. They did become best of friends.

Jumpy learned, that even if you are a little different, there is a friend out there for everyone. Jumpy also learned friendships also need a bit of patience and time. But the best thing about Jumpy and DJ's friendship is they accept one another, are there for one another, and take care to be kind to one another - ALWAYS.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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