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It's not Rocket Science

Monday, October 26, 2015

Holding the door for the person walking in behind you with their arms full of parcels, it's not rocket science.  Waiting your turn to speak when someone is speaking to you or a group, it's not rocket science.  Not throwing your garbage into anything other than a garbage receptacle, it's not rocket science.  And how about giving people your actual attention when you are with them, rather than having your face in a screen the entire time, it's not rocket science, it's called respect or "common" courtesy. Why is "common" in quotes?  Because it isn't common any longer.  People are so stuck into their phone screens they aren't seeing how rude they are being to the entire world.  However, when someone does it to them, they are sure quick to point it out.  In fact, cell phone use has gotten to such a level it has become the new "it won't happen to me" statistic.  Tripping over a crack in the sidewalk while watching something on your screen or texting - "It won't happen to me."  Crossing over the double yellow line and hitting another car head on - "It won't happen to me."  If it isn't happening to all these "me's" in the world then why is it happening at all?  

I was driving through a small but populated village the other day and excited to see a friend of mine driving towards me I was going to wave to them with that excitement and a huge smile but as the person got closer I noticed the driver, my friend, had the cell phone propped up with the hand that was controlling the steering and the other hand was pressing on the screen all while the eyes of my friend were frantically looking from the screen to in front of the car and back again.  My excitement turn to terror and disappointment and my smile dissipated immediately.  Do you know how important you are to the people around you? Do you know the heartbreak and damage you could cause to yourself and most likely others?  All because a text could not wait the ten or twenty minutes until you reached your destination?  

This is the era we live in.  I'm not a fan.  I can adapt but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  Somehow it seems to me that the more we progress the more we give up and there is something to be said for simpler times.  Understand that this is not the ranting of a person who has gotten to a certain age and walks around saying "What's wrong with our youth today..." I missed simpler times even when I was seven.  I am an old soul, though I am technologically savvy and I can keep up with the times I prefer big bands to dub step, albums to cd's, carburetors to  fuel injection, and face-to-face meetings to skype, preferably with the phones tucked away where they can't be seen or heard. It's not rocket science!

Posted by MommaHattie at 11:14 AM

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