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It's Hot. Complaining makes it cooler?

Everyone is talking about summer ending. It is August in Western New York, and the Erie County Fair begins on Wednesday. Somehow, in this area, the fair beginning denotes the last days of summer. Colleges will start their fall semesters in just a couple of weeks, and schools throughout the region will begin soon after. This does not mean summer is over! Summer, as a season, does not end until the last week in September. There are almost two full months of summer left! Also, the "nice weather" (this is in quotes because the description of "nice" about weather is subjective. In this case, nice weather means 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above.) will likely continue into October.

Complaining about the weather is equivalent to filling a bucket with no bottom. Useless and, frankly, annoying. We cannot control the weather. Almost everyone is uncomfortable if it is hot and humid; complaining will not make it cooler or more bearable. It is doubtful that Western New York will have a sunny 90-degree day in January and just as unlikely to have five feet of good packing snow in August. Complaining about the heat in August and the snow in January makes little sense. Try to enjoy your favorite type of weather while you have it. And, if you do not like hot weather, find activities in air-conditioned spaces. If you do not like the snow, invite some like-minded friends over and play some cards or games inside!

Liking the heat or not is a personal preference. This preference can also change as we age. I know many who never liked the summers, and winter never bothered them. As they age, suddenly, winters are the worst times of the year. That is allowed. You are allowed to change your preferences. No matter what your preference is at any point in your life, still, complaining about the weather will always be as productive as pouring water into a bucket with no bottom.

Excuse me while I go sit under a fan. It's hot! (Note: I am not complaining.)

Love Lots; Smile Often



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