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In the end - Patience

Dear MommaHattie,

My boss complains about a lack of communication and teamwork at work. However, she then forgets things she's told us, changes to the opposite answer, or simply refuses to work with someone. How can I tell her that she is part of the problem?

- Mary

Dear Mary,

It is challenging having a co-worker complain about specific problems at work when you add in that the complainer is the boss? This puts an entirely different spin on the matter. There is no easy answer for this, as any solution puts you in an uncomfortable position. So, the first answer would be, take a deep breath and deal. (As I said, uncomfortable, but this will accomplish nothing for certain.)

Depending on the relationship with your boss, you can speak to them directly and kindly but one on one with no other co-workers around. Because you wrote the above letter, I will wager that the relationship is not one where you can tell your boss how you feel so openly. However, addressing the behavior of your boss will be necessary if you want it to change.

When your boss begins telling you something they have already told you, politely interrupt. Let them know they have explained this and the end result they gave for the situation. That way, you avert them changing their directive. If that doesn't work, when they change their response regarding a matter, directly ask for clarification stating that "just yesterday" or "last week" they had said just the opposite.

My other suggestion is to be sure you are not part of the problem. Be sure you are listening, not thinking about a response while they speak; just listen. Communicate clearly with your boss and your co-workers. Be open to working alongside them when necessary. Make suggestions for a smoother work environment and listen to other's suggestions. It isn't easy when it seems as though you are making all the efforts and others are not, especially if it is someone in charge. Though you cannot control the actions of others, which is a reflection of them, you can manage your own activities, and that is a reflection of you.

Be the best employee/person, and good things will follow. I know it does not seem so; I know it takes time. "Patience, young grasshopper." Patience is key to life; it will take you far and assist you in many life situations.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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