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How Do You "Unplug"

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

There is much going on in our world today that can bring us down or make us angry.  It is no secret our country is very divided presently, however, we all still have to roam this beautiful landscape in some form together.  There is no way to avoid things that make us upset completely but how about unplugging for a spell and clearing your mind?

Autumn is the perfect time to breath in deep to enjoy the crisp air, stroll through the park or even down your streets and take in all the bountiful colors, stop by a local farm or cider mill and enjoy some warm cider and, if you are so inclined, pumpkin spice anything!

May I also suggest putting your phone on airplane mode for a bit?  With all the wonderful sights you may not want to shut it off because you will want to take a picture or three hundred but silence your phone. Take a break from calls, texts, and mostly the internet to just enjoy the beauty of Autumn.  In Western New York there are Fall Festivals, as well as many parks to enjoy a hike in, not to mention camping.  Whether you tent camp or cabin camp, getting out into the woods at this time of year is definitely a nice breather from all the chaos that surrounds us these days.  And even for those of you who just aren't "camping material" check out some Bed and Breakfast places.  There are plenty in the heart of wooded countrysides and maybe if you are lucky you won't get any service on your cell so you can truly unplug for a night.

Spend some time around a campfire not discussing the events happening around us.  Talk about childhood memories, how beautiful the leaves are, sing songs together, or just enjoy the crackling of the fire.  A campfire with a warm cup of cider on a cool crisp Autumn evening after a long hike enjoying the variety of colors is enough to put anyone into a calm and restful state of mind.  We all need a break from the daily grind and a break from the climate of anger surrounding the news lately isn't a bad idea either. 

Happy Autumn everyone - go enjoy it!

Posted by MommaHattie at 11:10 AM

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