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Happy Holidays & All That

Happy Krampusnacht, Happy St. Nicholas Day, Happy Bodhi Day, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy St. Lucia Day, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Pancha Ganapati, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Ōmisoka! The list could go on. You get the idea. Don't be offended when anyone says, "Happy Holidays!" The fact is there are many holidays celebrated (actually all year) at this time of year. The United States of America is a melting pot of so many cultures. It would be uninformed, and frankly very narrow-minded, to think Christmas was the only holiday.

Do not be selfish. Share in the fun! Learn about holidays you may have never heard of and possibly celebrate them. At the very least you will learn something new. Maybe you will even find a new tradition. With the use of all the variety of DNA kits available these days, you may find that your ancestry would have celebrated one or more of these holidays. What fun!

Indeed what is the harm in saying "Happy Holidays"? I know that there are people who feel it is "an attack on Christmas." Being inclusive is not an attack on any particular thing or person. Accepting that others celebrate different holidays during your Christmas does not make your holiday less important. Saying "Happy Holidays" is not implying you cannot observe Christmas. "Happy Holidays" encompasses Christmas AND all the other beautiful holidays there are to celebrate at this time of year.

Photo and artwork by Rehac Creations

Celebrate your holiday. Others can celebrate their holidays. Talk to people about the holidays and traditions they celebrate. You will learn something. You may even decide that something you have learned is a tradition you would like to adopt and incorporate into your holiday! It begins with an open mind and a conversation. Just because you have the discussion does not mean you are giving up Christmas or your beliefs. Having an open mind does not mean you are giving up Christmas or your views. Listening to other opinions does not mean you are giving up Christmas or your opinions. Allowing others to have their holidays, traditions, beliefs, views, and opinions never indicate you are giving up yours. By doing this, you only show everyone you are kind and respectful. Not an unpleasant way to be, right?

Artwork by Phillip Martin

As always, Love Lots; Smile Often #LLSO Thank you to Vanessa Rehac and Phillip Martin for the use of their artwork. You can find links to their blogs, and children's books on my Home page.

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