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Give me my senior discount.

When we age or have been on this earth for a few decades, many people suddenly feel they get a free pass on certain things. Seniors get discounts for various items. I am not saying that seniors should not receive these discounts; honestly, the senior discount on your Grand Slam at Denny's is not the subject of this writing. As they age, some people believe themselves inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment simply because they have been here for decades! Simply just by taking up space, this has earned them a free pass. I have even heard seniors say, "I've done my time," or "I've paid my dues," regardless of what they have done, not done, contributed, or not to society or the world as a whole. Please, keep in mind that not ALL older people feel this way. However, the ones that do, when they are spouting this rhetoric, it is often because they are about to offend or be plain mean about something. What age is it that we get a free pass from being kind?

The people who raised children preached to them, "If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all," suddenly say whatever they want regardless of whether it is nice. Trust me when I understand being completely done with people's nonsense. That does not give anyone permission to be cruel.

There are also the "I say it like it is" people. There is a difference between being honest and simply spewing your opinion as fact. Also, what some consider "brutal honesty" is just that-brutal, and there is no reason for that. Being honest with tact is a skill every one of every age should practice. Let's say you receive a gift that you do not like from someone; you could be "brutally honest" and say, "I hate the gift!" Or be honest with tact, "Thank you for your thoughtfulness." This is honest and kind.

There is no point in our lives when being cruel, even disguised as honesty, is okay. The world is complicated enough; there is enough anger and meanness. Deciding that you get to be mean just because you are older or have had enough with people only adds to the unhappy parts of life. Go ahead and get your senior discount, but do not choose being mean as a badge of honor. -ake a breath, use some tact, and find a kind way to get your point across. If everyone tries a little more kindness, the world will become a better place, one kind tactful smile at a time.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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