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Ellie was only familiar with true despair from other's points of view. Not that Ellie had not had bad times. After all, that accident took her parents, and even though she may have been too young to remember, she was a child who lost her parents at a very young age. This loss alone might make a person resentful or sad. Not Ellie.

Throughout her young life, Ellie met obstacles as all children do. Whether it was a bully at school, losing a beloved pet, or a broken arm that kept her from going to swim camp, she met the trial head-on. Ellie always tried to find the bright side. Even when she was sad, it was short-lived.

Ellie also would do everything she could to help others through their sadness. Ellie understood it was okay to be sad, mad, upset, or down. She also understood that no one should live there. She said to her mom once after her mother had suffered an awful day, "It's okay to be sad. If we never suffer, we would never know what true joy is, don't stay here long, though. Suffering can take over and squish out the sparkles. You don't want to live without your sparkles."

Ellie had to figure out a way to pull the dark man's sparkles out of his darkness. How could a little girl drive so many years of dark matter from a big man without losing her happy?

"GIGGLING!" Ellie shouted.

Audrey and Kent shouted as they were startled, "WHAT!?"

"That is how I will help the dark man, I will giggle! Everyone knows that laughing is the best medicine but even more so a child's giggle has SUPER POWERS! I will use my giggle to fix the dark man's happy." Ellie sat with her arms across her proud chest. She knew what she had to do. Now she just had to find him.


Of course, giggling is the answer! If only the action was as simple as that. We all know how hard it is to pull ourselves out of a rut. Ellie has her work cut out for her regarding helping Declan find his happy again. If anyone can do it, it is Ellie!

Love Lots; Smile Often



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