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Getting Started

First steps are hard. Ask an infant how easy it is; I will wait...

Likely, the infant did not answer. First words are tricky too. Basically, "firsts" are difficult. Getting started, even on something that you have done before, that first step, is always the most difficult. Sometimes just getting out of bed is a huge task for some people on any given day. Be kind. Be kind to people and be kind to yourself.

Every moment is a chance to get started. You do not need to wait for the beginning of the week, month, or year. You do not have to start at the top of the hour or tomorrow morning. You can start right now! I know it's hard. *insert a big understanding MommaHattie hug here* I can relate. There are more than a couple of items on my "to-do list" that I've yet to start. Each night as I lay in bed, I think to myself and even say in my mind, "Tomorrow's the day!" The alarm goes off, and I feel the comfort of my bed swallowing me; I do not want to leave, and before my feet hit the floor because I've asked my spouse to hit the snooze - I am defeated. --- This is not how it should be! ---

Okay, so I did not get started in the morning like I had planned or told myself as I snuggled in the night before. So what!? Start now! Start once your feet hit the floor. Take a small step towards starting. Then take another. And another. Before you (and I) know it, you will have begun your trek towards the goal you seek. Nothing says your first step cannot be at 11:37 pm on a random Tuesday.

There is one more thing about first steps; it is helpful to have support. (You can ask that infant again.) I do not know any child who stood up and walked alone without someone or something to assist them. Find a support group, a friend, or a family member. Be a support for someone else. We are in this world together, and good things happen for many when people succeed. Let's get out there and help one another take that first step. Before we know it, we will all be getting to our finish lines!

Love Lots; Smile Often



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