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From B to D, it's not a straight line!

When we think in linear terms - the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. It may be the shortest, but it is likely not the most fun.

Life is not linear. You cannot create a checklist and work from top to bottom, checking off items one at a time without ever having to recalculate. The concept to always “finish a project before you start another” is nearly impossible. Of course, you can finish a project and start another; however, as humans walking this earth, we often have many projects at once. We have a list of things we need to get done at work and a list for home. Each of these places often has sub-lists. At work, we may have things we have to do for our boss and others in our department. At home, the lists may be for our spouse, children, ourselves, or the house itself.

There are daily things that must be done. Some of these items have become habits. They are done without much thought, but they are still items that need to be done. Although the things done without thought may no longer be on your “to-do list” radar, they take time to complete.

We are busy people. Even leisure and self-care should be on our lists. These often take a back seat to the “have to’s” we, parents, spouses, friends, and society, have decided must be done. We cannot focus on merely one thing until completion; some tasks need to be done repeatedly. Brushing your teeth should be done at least twice a day every day. (This would be one of those items you do without thought and has become a habit.)

What would life be like if we only worked on each item until completion without wavering, without taking a break from it to handle something that comes up? There would be emergencies that possibly do not end well, for one. Also, life would be a bit boring, I surmise. A project that may take many hours or days would be impossible to do solely by focusing on only that; we must eat and sleep. Breaks are necessary.

Even the most organized person, with their lists (whether written or in their head), has to take a break now and then. Those who like to procrastinate or enjoy variety may work on many items at once, jumping from project to project to keep their interest piqued. There is no absolute right or wrong. However, it is certain that no matter the project, goal, or list, none of us are getting to the end in a straight line. There will always be obstacles, hiccups, realizations, and other projects that take us from that straight path, and we should all welcome them when they do.

Life is an adventure. Go live it! Enjoy the twists and turns.

Love Lots; Smile Often MommaHattie #LLSO

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