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Escape From Reality; Enjoy Entertainment

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I went to the movies the other day, alone.  Now don't feel sorry for me, this is how I enjoy going to movies unless I can go with like minded individuals and we can have a discussion about the movie AFTER it has ended!  See, I go to movies to escape from the world and be entertained.  Movies based on true stories do not bother me as I am keenly aware they are still embellishments of what actually happened.  Those embellishments are there for entertainment!  I do not watch a documentary for entertainment, I watch it for information.  This is an entirely different frame of mind.

At the movies I like to sit back and get enveloped into the story, people talking (whispering or not), checking their phones, crinkling plastic, and so on take away from the experience.  When you go to the movies with others they tend to want to talk to you.  Movies are awful dates!  Plain and simple.  If you want to get to know one another, a movie is not the place to do it; if you want to catch up with old pals you have not seen in awhile, a movie is not the place to do it.  If you want to be entertained, forget about all the things going on outside those four walls you are sitting in then the movies is the perfect place to be.

When I see a movie and I hear critics, or people criticizing a movie with the words, "It was so unreal, that could never happen." I want to turn to them and say, "Well yeah, DUH, it's a MOOOOVIE!" Why would you want it to be real?  Want real? Walk around and pay attention to what is going on around you instead of head tilt looking at your phone!  I can't even say watch the news, or "reality" TV because all of that is fabricated to some extent as well.

A problem is, no one really know what "REAL" is anymore.  Even our facebook posts and tweets are not reality.  It was much more difficult to portray your world as wonderfully perfect, or horribly awful face to face because people would look at you and if they even had a inkling you were lying they would call you on it and you had to respond on the spot.  Now you can portray your life as glamorous or as awful as you would like and even if someone questions you it will be lost in all the "likes," shares, posts, and comments.  In fact, you can wait days, even weeks before responding or never respond.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world is congratulating or sympathizing all over your non-real wall!

This is not to say I do not enjoy going to the movies with family or friends, certainly I do.  And if/when they speak or peruse their phone I sit quietly and enjoy the film. Does it bother me?  Well, I guess in a word, yes, however, what would bother me more is reacting poorly.  I am sure there are more than a few things I do that my friends and family do not particularly like - in fact, I am well aware of some of them, but that's another blog.  I do my best to be the best me every day of my life and I like to think I am patient and kind but most of all I like to make people happy.  Getting on a friend because they use their phone during a movie probably won't raise their happy bar and although it isn't something I enjoy it certainly isn't going to kill me and I will get over it.

In the end, my point on this is - enjoy movies for what they are there for first: Entertainment.  Of course, there are movies out there to make us think, to inspire us, to remind us where we came from, and/or to remind us that we are all on this great big ball together and we should really try to get along and by all means, we should remember that and work on those things and if a movie helps to bring that point home then all the better but again, ENJOY.  Heck, you paid for it, at the very least you should do that!

Posted by MommaHattie at 8:53 PM

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