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Dream a little dream ...

Ellie could not find the sad man no matter how hard she tried. Her parents were not entirely on board with the idea of their little girl finding this man. They understood that Ellie was different than other children. As much as they tried to be supportive, Ellie was still their little girl, and they wanted to protect her.

Ellie explained she must help the man and maybe the best place to find him was the market where she had seen him first. Her mom agreed to take Ellie to the market. When they arrived, the market was filled with so many people that it seemed impossible to find the sad man. Soon they left. Ellie was disappointed. As they walked back to the car, Ellie's mom bumped a man. She apologized and kept walking. Ellie turned around as she was sure it was the sad man. He looked right into Ellie's eyes, and immediately, Ellie decided to try her idea of giggling. Declan immediately absorbed the sparkles she created. He was sucking the sparkles from Ellie so fast Ellie suddenly fainted. Ellie's mother quickly knelt beside her.

Before Ellie woke, Declan ran off because he was so startled by her fainting.

"Ellie, Ellie! Are you all right?"

"Momma, it wasn't his fault. Tell him, it wasn't his fault." Ellie was still weak, but she was awake.

"He is gone. Your fainting frightened him. It frightened me too. I think you have done your best to help this man. Let's go home."

Ellie was too weak to fight. Her mother picked her up and carried her home.

That evening all of Ellie's dreams were in black and white. For the first time in as far as he could remember, all of Declan's dreams had color!


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