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Declan's Dream

Declan opened his arms, looking out in the distance. A beautiful woman with two small children on either side of her were running towards Declan. The children were yelling happily, "Daddy!"

Declan had never slept more sound than the evening after seeing Ellie. Her giggles were ringing in his ears like beautiful, magical bells of happiness. He had so many dreams. Every dream was more vibrant than the next.

One dream, he was the captain of a rather large sailboat. Everyone was happy, and the sun was always shining. In another, he was in a group of bicyclists on a beautiful mountain bike trail. In another dream, he was playing beach volleyball with a bunch of friends, smiling and laughing. In every dream, the dream ended with Declan in a meadow filled with a splendid amount of flowers. There were so many colors; he never realized there were that many colors in the whole world. He stood in the center of the meadow, heard his name, and turned around. His smile was never bigger.

Declan woke up never happier. He felt something he was unfamiliar with, unsure, but he believed that this feeling was bubbling up and surrounding his entire being, which was HOPE! Suddenly he felt he had a purpose, and he was going to do something about it.


Hope is a powerful feeling. With hope and intention, a person can accomplish anything. Hope enables intention.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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