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Creepy? No, but the math doesn't work

Spiders have many babies. Typically hundreds. Knowing this, I cannot figure out why homes are not overrun with spiders. Every once in a while, we will find or see a spider in our home, but it isn't every day. Every once in a while, we find little spider nest sacs in the corners where the wall and the ceiling meet. I understand that many of you don't want to think about this; however, I think about it. The numbers seem as though I should be seeing far more than I do.

The specific spiders I am speaking of are the little yellow, almost translucent spiders. After a quick google search, I found out these are called, Yellow sac spiders. I also found out that they typically lay around five sacs filled with approximately 40 eggs in each! That's two hundred babies! Why don't we have them EVERYwhere?

The math does not work, as far as I am concerned, but math is not my best subject either.

This is considered a creepy subject that many would rather not only not discuss but not think about at all. Sadly I feel that spiders are terribly misunderstood. There is little reason to be afraid of spiders in the area I live, as we really do not have any that is truly threatening in Western New York. The black widow and brown recluse spiders can be found now and then, but they are typically brought in on shipping from other places.

Mosquitoes, ants, and other insects irritate me, and spiders typically eat them. So, I like spiders if they take care of the population of insects I am bothered by for no other reason. I know this disturbs most of my readers. I am sorry you feel that way. I do not know if I will ever convince those who find spiders creepy and scary that they are super cool and helpful.

At least for now, I will continue to save all those I find because in MY house, if it has a name, you aren't allowed to kill it. So I name every spider as soon as we meet!

Love Lots; Smile Often



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