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Change ~ Poetry in Motion

You may have noticed that I got a haircut! With that change, thanks to DouglasArtStudio, I have a brand new header as well! The other change is that rather than the typical blog, April is National Poetry Month, so I thought it might be a nice change to share some.

Throughout April, I will be writing poetry, and every Monday for my blog, I will post some old and some new poems I have written. I would love for you to share your poems in the comment section or tell us about your favorite poet.

Let the poetry begin ...

He bounces through the town

He bounces up and down

First, he is hot Then he is not Weather, you're making me frown


Fast-flowing fluffy flakes fall

with winter wandering wistfully

over other obvious





can. ~2018~

Broken Hearted Again

Once someone comes close, I push away

Hide behind walls, fearful, afraid

The someone whispers, "It will be alright,

Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight."

Stay back don't promise, tell me no lies

Leave me alone, all I want is to cry

Stop it don't do that, hugs aren't for me

Why can't you, won't you, just let me be?

You say you loveme, you say don't ask why

I cannot tell, I think it's a lie

Why must you hang on to something not there?

Why do you keep on pretending to care?

Everyone needs someone, that's what you say

Not me, no one, please stay away

You'll make me care, and what happens then?

The same as before, broken hearted again.

~ Echoes of Yesterday 1994 ~

Jump to your feet

Reach for the sky

Raise your hands above you

Wave to say "Hi!"

The world is yours

You have nothing to fear

Ride on that rainbow

Your path is all clear


Puddles are made to be jumped in

Every child knows

Trees are meant to be climbed

Every child knows

Truths should always be spoken

Every child knows

Hugs are for everyone

Every child knows

Flowers are meant to be sniffed and

Colors are meant to be awed,

Cookies are for breakfast and

Rolling in dirt cleans the soul.

Every child knows


Plain white ........................................................................................................Not plain white.


Enjoy National Poetry Month! If you would like some ideas on how to celebrate check out the suggestions a

Be sure to share your own poetry, let us know how you feel about the poems you have read above, or share who your favorite poet is and why.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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