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Cats, dogs, birds, and fish.

There is a place where we all belong,

Each and everyone is not wrong.

Cats and dogs, they roam the earth.

Birds fly until they find a perch

Fish swim in oceans, seas, and ponds.

Insects fly and crawl on fronds.

Every person is not the same.

A space is needed for each to claim.

Dreams are essential, they give us hope,

They keep us sane and help us to cope.

Life is about choices and plans that we make,

the steps, the moves, and the work it will take.

When we share kindness, we share our hearts,

Helping each other, doing our part.

Care for each other, and always be kind.

The helpfulness will give peace of mind.

We can reach our dreams and do what we wish.

It's the friends that we make we will always cherish.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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