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Bonus Week: Anticipated Adventures Continued...

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, this month has a bonus week! I will get to the "Summer Suggestions in WNY" in a moment, but first ... Memorial Day.

Today, we remember (memorialize) those who paid the ultimate price for their country. Some did so by choice; some did so because they were required to do so. Conscription (commonly referred to as "The Draft") in the United States has been utilized twice. First in 1862 during Lincoln's Administration. During this draft, men could pay a $300 fee not to get drafted or hire a substitute. The second conscription lasted from 1940 until June 30, 1973. (Women have never been conscripted, nor are they required to register with the Selective Service System. The draft registration was brought back into existence by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.)

No matter how men and women of the military entered in, those who lost their lives defending this country deserve remembrance. To give your life is the ultimate of sacrifices. During this long weekend, between the cookouts and gatherings, please take a moment to be silent, a moment to remember. Quietly thank and think of those who served and are no longer with us, who gave their lives defending freedom and equality for all.


Adventures await ...

This summer is anticipated to be a most excellent experience. By whom? Well, by ME and anyone who decides it should be, and why not!? Western New York has beautiful weather throughout the year, and the summers are what you make them. That being said, sometimes we could all use help knowing where to go or what to do!

To recap the suggestions from a couple of weeks ago:

Sprague Brook Park

Buffalo Olmstead Parks

Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours

The Buffalo Waterfront

Thank you for the comment and suggestion, Cindy. We can add:

Chestnut Ridge Park This park not only has many beautiful trails and picnic areas to enjoy, but it is also the home to the Eternal Flame Falls.

Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York

Farmers' Markets typically take place on weekends; however, some towns have them one or two days during the week as well. Step Out Buffalo has an amazing and helpful "Guide to Farmers Markets in WNY 2021".

Beyond the park system and farmers' markets the Buffalo Zoo is by far one the best zoos my family and I have enjoyed. As a family we have been members of the zoo for over two decades and now that my children are grown, as adults they have their own memberships. The zoo is walkable, with enclosures that are not only pleasing to the eye the animals appear happy and healthy. The zoo has gone through many changes and improvements throughout its 145+ years. During the summer of 2019, the zoo even had dinosaurs! (My family and I are pictured with the T-rex.) The Buffalo Zoo is a great value as admission prices are low and they offer many specials throughout the year. I, of course, recommend a membership as it allows you to go as often as you like and helps support the zoo and their continued efforts to improve.

Kayaking has become quite the rage and where better to enjoy the water than our beautiful Lake Erie! If you own a kayak there are many places to launch and if you do not own one there are equally as many places to rent. You can launch your kayak from any boat launch listed here as well as at a variety parks, streams, and creeks. To rent kayaks, I have personally used the following but there are more available if you search "Kayak rentals in Buffalo, NY". Longboards Paddle Co. has four different locations, with knowledgeable staff and a variety of kayaks, paddleboards and bikes!

Gear For Adventure Kevin and Sarah are friendly, fun, and full of information. Now with two locations, they have rentals as well as supplies for all your outdoor needs throughout the year, not just summertime.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, do it with a smile! Take a deep breath, enjoy the sun (with sunscreen, of course), and GET OUTSIDE! If you do not live or are not visiting the Western New York area - get out and explore your own area. People often miss the hidden gems in their own backyards - Go explore! And after you do, share your adventures with us all. We would love to know all the wonderful things to do throughout this amazing and wonderful world we live.

Love Lots; Smile Often

MommaHattie #LLSO

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