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Aversion to Change

There is energy all around us. When the energy is positive, we are drawn to it, and when it is not, we will avoid or move away. Most people do this without thought. Declan did not notice before, but ever since the day he met Ellie (even though he did not know her name), he noticed that people tended to move away from him. They did not move as though they were scared. It seemed as though Declan repelled them like magnets facing the same poles. Declan was curious. He started walking towards people and noticing how they reacted. Without eye contact, without even looking towards him at all, almost every person seemed to move away. It was as though he had some invisible bubble around him, and people were gently kept at a distance, averting the space around him.

Declan knew that little girl knew why he repelled people from him. He needed to find her to find out why and what he could do to change it. He wasn't sure how to find her or how he would approach her when he did. People would not look too kindly on a grown man asking about a young child. Add in how people reacted to his presence daily; this was not going to be easy. "Nothing was ever easy," Declan thought to himself. Even with this in mind, Declan made a decision. He would find the little girl, and he would make changes; he would become a better person. As he walked down the street and was thinking about making this change, he noticed the next person who walked by him didn't move as far away as others had; maybe he was on to something.


Welcome to MAY! (aka My birthMONTH!)

I enjoy celebrating. Not just MY birthday but everyone's birthday. I know there are those (especially as they age) who do not like celebrating their birthdays, but they should. Everyone should celebrate and be celebrated. You are the only you here on Earth, and you matter. You are unique.

Regarding celebrating. On this website, I always include the month's celebrations. If you haven't, you should check them out. Every year, I purchase an "Everyday is a Holiday" calendar to hang in my kitchen. Every morning, I like to look at all the different things that are meant to be observed that day. Often I try to celebrate all the things listed. Sometimes it is one of two things; sometimes, it is so many my head spins. Some are easier than others to celebrate. Some are just silly and fun. Some are serious and remind you to be aware.

Over the years, people have misunderstood why I celebrate my birthMONTH. It isn't about getting gifts or being recognized. It's about bringing joy to the world. Just because we age does not mean we are required to leave the wonder and joy of our youth behind. No matter how many times I fly, I will stare out the window with wonder how a large metal object filled with luggage and people lifts into the air and moves through the clouds. Birthdays, holidays, Tuesday afternoons are magical when we allow ourselves to enjoy the wonder.

Today's blog is being published not only during my birthMONTH but on my actual birthDAY. I begin my fifty-first year today. I am looking forward to meeting new friends, adventures, spending time with current friends and family, and learning. (Not necessarily in that order.) Oh, and my HALF-birthday. (November 3 - I think I actually enjoy my half-birthday more than my birthday or month!)

Celebrate my birthMONTH with me. Find that inner seven-year-old. Climb a tree, jump in puddles, lay in the grass, stare at the sky with wonder. Sing loudly. Giggle from your belly and feel it through your whole body. Color with crayons and mail your picture to a friend or a stranger. Leave every place you go a little bit better, happier, and sweeter than it was before you got there. Most of all,

Love Lots; Smile Often



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