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Anticipation and Being Present

When you are excited about something, the time waiting for a particular thing or event can cause anticipation. The level of that anticipation can grow to a point where you are so excited or focused on the future that you may miss out on what is happening in the present.

Buffalo's football team went to four Super Bowls and lost them all. The losses drowned out the excitement. It would be almost twenty years before the team created a buzz of anticipation that would make such excitement that fans were more than hopeful their team would be going to the Super Bowl again. That time is now. Regardless of how this upcoming season ends, I hope the Bills Mafia enjoys the ride and every moment at the moment.

The crash of disappointment from a high level of anticipation can be harrowing. I am not saying you should not get excited about things. Getting excited is a great feeling. By anticipating the future and only focusing on that, you do not get to enjoy the moments leading towards the goal. This anticipation is even worse if the end is less than hoped.

The present is the best place to be! It is happening. It is now! You should be there. Get excited, dream, anticipate, and don't live there. Be here, now, and enjoy everything there is right here. Living in the future by only focusing on that is just as bad as living in the past. Thinking about the future can create excitement because what could be—sitting in the past, good or bad, is just a memory. Either way, you are missing out on the now!

You enjoy it when people are with you in the moment. It is disrespectful and annoying when people daydream and do not seem present. We all deserve to be heard and know the people are with us. Be present.

Love Lots: Smile Often



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