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Anticipated Adventures

Summer is quickly on its way. The days are getting longer, the weather is warm, and the sweet smell of mowed lawns is here. I am not a massive fan of heat. I like cooler weather as a general rule. (Not frigid with windchills below zero, but a nice 32-degree day with some sun, three to five feet of freshly fallen good packing snow, and no breeze, that is a good day to me.) With that said, I'll admit I am looking forward to this summer. I plan to enjoy the outdoors more. Camping, kayaking, riding my tricycle, walking through woods, in creeks, on trails, etc. Adventures!

Western New York and the surrounding areas are beautiful in any season. Things being as they have been over the past year (and then some), it seems this is an excellent time to explore the out of doors. If you find yourself yearning for an adventure, Western New York is the place where the parks are incredible, the people are kind, and the food is outstanding. I invite you to explore. I would like to share some places I've enjoyed in the past. I would love for you to share your experiences in the comments.

Sprague Brook Park Thanks to some amazing friends, I was able to enjoy this park twice last summer. Once on the non-electric side tent camping and once on the electric side in a camper. The camping area was spaced out nicely on both sides with bathrooms/shower rooms in convenient proximity to any campsite. There was a small lake I believe you could fish at but I am not completely sure. Besides the Erie County Parks where there is camping, hiking, and other activities, there are also the Buffalo Olmstead Parks.

Rainbow Air assisted in surprising my daughter for her 25th birthday.

Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours Niagara Falls is an amazing sight, no doubt, but there is nothing more amazing than seeing the mighty Niagara from above. If you are going to Niagara Falls be sure to book a flight with my friends at Rainbow Air. It's a flight that you will never forget. Tell them MommaHattie sent you!

The Buffalo Main Lighthouse (1833) view from Wilkeson Pointe

The Buffalo Main Lighthouse (1833) is by far my most favorite lighthouse and I enjoy the view of it from Canalside, the Outer Harbor, and the Erie Basin Marina. The Buffalo Waterfront

has made some incredible changes over the past decade. I personally have enjoyed just sitting on the rocks at the Erie Basin Marina looking out towards the Buffalo Lighthouse for the better part of the last thirty years. I have so many pictures of the lighthouse and countless memories. Now with the opening of Canalside and the Outer Harbor there are trails to bike and walk, shops, restaurants, museums, activities, the list goes on and on. And it keeps getting better! I look forward to all the changes coming about. What is so amazingly wonderful is the waterfront has become a fun place to enjoy throughout the year during every season, not just summer!

These suggestions are merely a grain of sand in the vast beach of summer activities and places to visit in Western New York. Look for more suggestions in the bonus week for this month! Don't forget to email your "Dear MommaHattie" letters to me at,

Love Lots; Smile Often



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