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A Watchful Eye

Ellie is a very observant child. She notices when people are sad behind their smiles. She will run to help someone before they realize they require help. She senses danger and induces happiness. Ellie is magical. So when she began hiding, her mother grew suspicious.

"Ellie. What is going on?" Audrey asked her little pixie.

"Momma, remember that man that frightened me at the market?" asked Ellie. She continued as her mother nodded, "I think he is trying to find me." Audrey was horrified, but before she could stand to grab the phone, Ellie calmed her, "Momma, Momma," Ellie placed her hand on her mother's arm, "I don't think he wants to harm me or take me away. I think he wants my help but I am not sure I'm ready."

For most parents, this would still be alarming. A grown man seeking out the help of a seven-year-old was absurd. However, Audrey and Kent knew very early that their little Ellie was destined for far greater things that neither of them could ever completely understand. They learned to accept this and trust their daughter even at her young age.

Thus far, throughout Ellie's life, Kent and Audrey had to throw away all their parenting ideas because they recognized Ellie had much to teach them. They, of course, kept a watchful eye on their little one. When she tried to run off to explore, there were many times they had to reign her in and explain that even Ellie felt "the universe" was calling her to do something they, as her parents, were called upon to protect her. Sometimes that meant telling her "no." Ellie, although disappointed at times, understood.

Ellie sat for a moment, contemplating. "Momma?"

Audrey looked at her little girl, "Yes Ellie?"

"I think I am supposed to help him get his happy back."

Audrey looked confused for a moment but then remembered a conversation she had with Kent sometime ago when Ellie explained the sparkles of "happy" that reside in all things and how the man in the store was absorbing them.

"I thought you told your father that he was 'stealing happy' from everything, even you?" Audrey asked with sadness and fear in her voice.

"I did. He was. That doesn't change the fact I am supposed to help him but I do not know if I am ready. I don't know if I am strong enough." Ellie sighed sadly. Audrey was not used to seeing Ellie this way and was not sure how to handle it. She hugged Ellie with her whole heart. Ellie relaxed in her mother's arms but knew she was going to have to prepare for battle. Anger, resentment, regret, and sadness had grown so thick inside the man from the market it had encapsulated his 'happy' so deep darkness and despair had taken over and was gobbling up any 'happy' it could find. Ellie had work to do.


Seeking help is difficult. Sometimes being helpful can be equally as difficult. We can all do hard things, and when we do things together, we can get through anything. Kindness always wins in the end. I know it sometimes doesn't feel that way. So often, life can seem closer to hopeless than hopeful. But that is the very moment to dig your heels in and grab those around you. A home without supporting walls does not stand for long. Create strong foundations with friends and family. Support others, and others will support you.

Love Lots; Smile Often



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