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A blog about a blog about blogging

An extraordinary and supportive friend whom I respect and admire shares various recommendations on his Twitter account. He always encourages his followers to shop locally, check out hidden gems, and read multiple newspapers, books, and blogs. Recently in a tweet, he mentioned my blog along with Jennifer L.S. Weber and Kelly Sedinger. Mr. Sedinger has been blogging for twenty years and wrote about that fact here.

(I would like to note my complete agreement and the same feeling regarding the word 'blog.' I cannot stand the word either. Sadly, it seems we are stuck with it.)

Reading his blog about blogging for twenty years got me thinking about my very first blog. That blog ran yearly for almost ten years, only during May, but the posts ran daily. I made a site to encourage people to engage in behavior that brought out their inner seven-year-old and spread happiness. That blog is no longer active, and sadly, I have very little content from it (except some pages my Mommie printed out before I ended the blog.) If memory serves, I started adding content during November for a few years until it finally came to a close.

Over the years, I tried creating different web pages, but nothing stuck. Trying various publishing sites and coming up with names for web pages seemed a daunting task until I settled on this one. I am MommaHattie, and with the assistance and support of some fantastic people, I decided to create my web page and blog. My goal is always to make things a bit brighter, to help people get through this crazy thing we call life. Because of the amazing supporters and readers who share my blog, more and more people follow my content. I appreciate you. This makes me smile. I hope my blogs make you smile. I am also very thankful to learn of other writers and not only get to enjoy their content, but I am also happy to share it with you.

Slowly, I am learning the support systems in the Western New York area for writers. The writing community is full and vibrant. People are willing to read, support, assist and share content all over. I am proud to be part of such an inspiring community. I am also learning about so many blogs worth the time to read. I hope people feel that way about mine.

By the way, my favorite blogs have been the ones answering letters from my readers over the past year. If you have a question or anything you might like to learn, I would love to share and help. Please send an email to:

Also, check out the blogs mentioned earlier; the links are above.

As always,

Love Lots; Smile Often



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